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Sentence Analyse API

Being a part of the NLP engine, all the input sentences get defragmented and this helps in retrieving relations between words and arguments. Thus, the most relevant keywords are extracted and they are analysed, discarding the additional words.

Word Analyse API

Using Word API, we can find the Synonyms, Hypernyms, Hyponyms and Antonyms for all the words used and they can also be analysed to obtain relationships between words and for a wider understanding of the input words.


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With a team of Gen Y people who are working their way to bring a notable change to the world.

AARC stands for Active Data Analytics Research Centre and is focused on extracting the maximum value from data, translating it into decisions which empower our clients to take better actions.

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To bring about innovation in technology and support various features of business using A.I.

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To ensure 100% automation in all forms of business!


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